About Us

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A data science consultancy business specialized in delivering projects in the fields of Big Data, Data Mining, AI, ML, and Business Analytics

About us

Intelligent Startup Consulting, LLC (ISC) is a data science consultancy business created on August 2, 2019. We are a data science consultancy business specializing in delivering projects in the fields of Data Mining, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Business Analytics. We operate as a company’s outsourced data science team, enabling data asset assessment and data science product development. Our consultancy offers “big picture” executive education and data science human capital team development. We focus on bringing product solutions to markets with disparate, opaque, and relatively unreliable data repositories, enabling efficiencies in industries where there is currently significant friction.

Data Science Experts

Passion brings our team together—a passion for building systems that gathers and learns from data.

Multidisciplinary Team

Our team has deep expertise in the fields of Big Data, Data Mining, Distributed Systems and Data Visualization

International by Nature

ISC is headquartered in Austin, Texas. But we never shy away from hiring wherever the talent is.

Our Team

Javier Alperte

Xavier Alperte

Chief Architect and Data Scientist
B.Sc. Computer Science Master in Data Science 23+ years experience xalperte@intellstartup.com

João Eduardo Medeiros

Backend Engineer
Bachelor Software Engineering Bachelor Information Technology 3+ years experience joao@intellstartup.com

Bruno Henrique de Paula

Data Engineer
B.Sc. Computer Science 8+ years experience bruno@intellstartup.com

Júlio Vedovatto

Lead Front-end Developer
Design Interaction and BSc in Information Systems 5+ years experience julio@intellstartup.com
ISC team is engaged, technically knowledgeable, and incredible communicators. We could sense their goal truly was to empower us and be unbiased data science partners. The quality has been superior and their client-service attitudes are tremendous.
Jim Curry
Co-founder at BuildGroup